Tiltwall Construction Case Studies

Index of Tiltwall Construction Case Studies

Case studies that provide real world examples of how tilt-up construction was an integral part of delivering a successful commercial construction project

Overcoming the Unique Challenges of Infill Development to Deliver a Gold LEED for Core & Shell Project

Tiltwall construction, LEED certification and in-fill development

General contractor Bob Moore Construction used tilt-up construction and other innovative techniques to address the challenges of demolition and subsequent construction of major new facilities as part of an infill development program and delivered a LEED Gold Core and Shell project [ ... ]

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Tiltwall Delivers Movie Theater Ahead of Schedule

Tiltwall construction and a compressed construction schedule

The Martians were coming (for the movieWar of the Worlds) and the city of Mansfield, Texas had no place for them to visit. Tiltwall Construction paves the way to intergalactic peace by bringing this theater in to completion a full two weeks ahead of schedule, in time for the summer blockbuster season [ ... ]

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Innovations in Tiltwall Construction Help Contractors Overcome Challenges

Tiltwall construction overcomes building code requirements

The construction team wanted to use tiltwall construction but the local building codes required a masonry façade. The budget and schedule didn't allow for this. Innovations provided the solution that kept this commercial construction project in budget, on schedule and in compliance [ ... ]

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Showcase of Tiltwall Construction Projects

Tiltwall construction project write-ups and photos

The best way to understand the value of tiltwall construction is to look at completed projects and see all the remarkable things this approach to commercial construction can achieve. We have provided project write-ups on several dozen successful tilt-up construction projects [ ... ]

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