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Articles that provide history, overview and technical information about the process of tiltwall construction

Tiltwall Construction: A Contractor's Approach to Innovative Building Construction

Introductory article on tiltwall construction

An introduction to this series of articles which explain why tiltwall construction is an innovative method for building commercial facilities [ ... ]

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Meet the Tilt-up Concrete Association

Industry information about tiltwall construction

The leading trade organization in the industry for tiltwall construction is the Tilt-up Concrete Association. Learn more about this important and influential group [ ... ]

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An Old Idea, With New Innovations

Historical overview of tiltwall construction

A brief historical overview of tiltwall concrete construction. While the general idea behind tilt up construction has been around since the Roman Empire, technological innovations and historical events worked together to lead general contractors to embrace this method of construction in the 20th Century [ ... ]

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What is Tiltwall Concrete Construction? How Are Tiltwall Buildings Constructed?

Overview of the process of tiltwall construction

This article briefly explains the process of tiltwall or tilt-up construction, from forming the panels through standing the walls into place [ ... ]

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Precast Concrete, Tiltwall Construction and Tilt wall: What's the Difference in These Terms?

Web Design, Illustration

This article explains the differences between the tiltwall and the precast concrete building processes, which are similar in many respects but offer different advantages [ ... ]

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Why Design - Build Contractors Choose Tiltwall Concrete Construction

Benefits of tiltwall construction explained

Tiltwall construction offers many benefits, most involving construction costs and long term building quality, which is why it is the construction method of choice for many knowledgeable general contractors and design build contractors [ ... ]

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Steel Buildings: When Does Tiltwall Construction or Concrete Make More Sense?

Comparison between tiltwall construction and pre-engineered steel buildings

There are several factors that may make other methods of construction, most notably tiltwall construction, a better choice than steel buildings [ ... ]

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Steel Buildings and Tiltwall Concrete Construction Together: Using the Strengths of Each

Tiltwall construction and pre-engineered steel buildings can be used together in some applications

An important fact to remember is that the use of steel in building is not necessarily exclusive of tiltwall construction or concrete blocks. In larger or more sophisticated projects the different raw materials and construction methods are frequently used together [ ... ]

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Construction Cost Fluctuations Make Tiltwall Construction a Better Choice Than Ever

Tiltwall construction and pre-engineered steel buildings can be used together in some applications

The key to controlling the budget in a volatile time for pricing construction supplies, materials and services is to control and reduce the schedule. This article discusses the factors that have created severe volatility in construction raw materials and supplies and how Tiltwall construction is now an even better choice for delivering quality construction projects that stay in budget [ ... ]

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Showcase of Tiltwall Construction Projects

Tiltwall construction project write-ups and photos

The best way to understand the value of tiltwall construction is to look at completed projects and see all the remarkable things this approach to commercial construction can achieve. We have provided project write-ups on several dozen successful tiltwall construction projects [ ... ]

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We hope you have enjoyed learning about tiltwall construction. For more information about tiltwall construction, visit GeneralContractor.com or the TCA's website at tilt-up.org. You might also like to learn more about concrete contractors. Concrete Contractor.com has historical articles about concrete and tilt-up construction, along with profiles of some of history's most important concrete construction projects, including the Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee Dam and the first reinforced concrete high rise building ever constructed, the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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